Oz Comic-Con 2019


Raised of $100,000

For Cure Cancer

Join Cure Cancer this year at Oz Comic-Con 2019 in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney! You might not know what they look like. You probably don’t know their names. But everyday our cancer researchers are doing everything they can to eliminate the threat of cancer for good. Cure Cancer is dedicated entirely to funding early career researchers. We fund some of the smartest scientists and medical researchers on the planet, and we know that these brilliant young minds have the answers - and cures – when given the chance to do their work. These cancer researchers are our unknown superheroes, they work tirelessly in the laboratories with long hours, modest pay and an uncertain future. A researcher’s entire career and ability to make breakthroughs come. That's why Cure Cancer Australia was founded over 52 years ago. and that's why today we're more passionate that ever to play a part in ridding the world of all cancers. We’ve been helping these unknown superheroes fly, raising $69m and funding over 515 research grants to date. We’ve come a long way, but we won’t stop until we eliminate cancer for good. Help our unknown superheroes fly – donate to cure cancer today. Together, let’s make this the last generation to die from cancer. Find out more about Cure Cancer here: www.curecancer.com.au Convention Locations and Dates: Melbourne: 8th and 9th June (Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre) Brisbane: 21st and 22nd September (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Sydney: 28th and 29th September (Sydney Showground) We look forward to seeing you at Oz Comic-Con! www.ozcomiccon.com Oz Comic-Con Competition T&C’s: https://www.curecancer.com.au/oz-comic-con-competition